Girish Khatiwada (Nephop Godfather) | First Rapper Of Nepal.

Girish Khatiwada is an individual with a multi-platform portfolio that puts him in a spotlight of talents youths.

With the release of the single Ma Yesto Chhu off their second album Back Again, Girish Khatiwada and his former partner Pranil Timilsena set a new precedent for Hiphop acts who are Nepali in the truest sense of the word. With the success of the song, they basically became the first act rapping in Nepali to appeal to the young Nepali speaking masses. Their success stemmed from the fact that they talked about the life of a quintessential Nepali youngster.

Girish’s first introduction to Hiphop was MC Hammer. At that time, he didn’t know what rap was, but on the trail to find out, an anonymous shopkeeper of a music shop in New Road introduced him to Ice T, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Spellbound, the fourteen-year old was soon rhyming in Nepali and entertaining his classmates in between periods. In class 8, he recorded Meaningless Rap, Nepal’s first rap single.

The most appealing aspect of rap music for Girish is the casual language used to express oneself, as if in speech. His rhyming style reflects the good-humoured story-telling method that MC Hammer used to popularise rap amongst middle-class Americans in the late 80s. Our national language with its class-consciousness (tan, timi, tapai), limits pop artists and songwriters in communicating with a young audience who mostly use tan amongst themselves. In using Nepali slang mixed with commonly used English words, Girish set a trend for a new kind of artistic expression in the Nepali music industry. “This is the way most young Nepalis express themselves and that’s why my songs catch on,” he says. He is also Radio Jockey of Nepal Top FM “Radio Kantipur” . He is Music Director, video Directior, Music composer, Lyrics Writer, Music Arranger. We can say he is the Diamond of Nepali Rap Music Industry.