1002671_977350618998213_7678239840858819825_nPrakash Neupane is a pop/rap artist from Nepal who is also known as Lil’ G. He started to rap at the age of 16. He entered the music business with the song “Aaideuna” which was R&B track. However, he said he was experimenting himself with music and lately released his new song “Madhos” with new artist Shrabya and he released a new song with shrabya named “parkhi baschu” & Now He is doing many songs. It is said to be his original genre, he is an independant artist.

Personal Interests: Playing Cricket, reading magazine, rapping, writing song, composing music.

Home Town: Kathmandu, Nepal

Find Me 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lilgnephop
Instagram: https://instagram.com/prakashnephop
Twitter: https://twitter.com/prakashmusics
Migme: https://mig.me/lilgofficial

Contact: music@prakashneupane.com