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Prakash Neupane is one of the most renowned singer of Nepali Music Industry. He is also a popular Music composer. He is well known as both R&B singer/rapper and composer.From his earlier life he had an interest in music and used to sing in his school function and gatherings etc.Prakash Neupane used to be praised for his voice which made him inspired to be a singer.He initially had no intention of a becoming a rapper & R&B singer.Soon after his School level examination, he rushed away to Kathmandu as all the students do. Initially having no desire to sing a song as a professional singer or having not any aim to be a singer,later he thought of recording a song and had a wish to record a song.Therefore with some pocket money that he had saved,He recorded a song named ‘Aaideuna’ & released it. Due to the song lacked good lyrics and composition his first song couldn’t get success but also few peoples started to know him.

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